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Our Approach

Managing finances is an important aspect for SME’s and self-employed businesses. To sail over the rough times or to support business expansions, there often arises the need to seek financial assistance. Surely there are banks and many accredited financial institutions that can help.

But after the struggle to complete cumbersome formalities and requisite paperwork to apply for the loan, it is finally denied by the lending firm. Consecutive denials from multiple institutions can be the death knell of one’s funding plans.

How can businesses lower of the risk rejection for their loan applications? The solution lies in approaching the entire loan application process with a clear vision, a sound knowledge of one’s own eligibility and tight control over all the parameters that can sway the credit application.

The Quikrupee solution from Elyon Infotech strives to bridge the gap between the loan seekers and the lending institutions. We use state-of- the-art technology to create an online platform that aids in automated, data-driven and transparent credit acquisitions. We provide smart credit profiling and assessment solutions, via an innovative loan marketplace to empower businesses to assess their loan eligibility, complete the necessary documentation and smoothly avail the best loan services.


Working Capital Finance

Our solution facilitates loan seekers to get instant approvals for loans for short-term financial requirements for their business

Property Loan

Rely on our impeccable solutions to get access to property loans conveniently for investing in high-appreciation property

Business Loan

Our tech-led platform helps business owners secure the best deals for the finance assistance for their business needs

Personal Loans

Our solution encompasses financial support to realize personal dreams as well


Our application is a dual benefit solution to match borrowers with the best-fit lenders. Due to our simplistic and transparent business model, both parties stand to gain in a financial deal.


Our intelligent tools enable SMEs and self-employed business owners to check the health of their business online and conduct a self-assessment of their credit eligibility limits. Our boutique services provide them multiple options to help them select the best deal. We even coordinate tailor-made customizations for specific requirements.


Our platform nurtures strategic partnerships between Quikrupee and and accredited banks, NBFCS and financial institutions. These firms can get access to automated client profiling, verification and credit decision-making process via our unified portal. This helps them maximize their IRR, increase their customer base and reduce costs for customer acquisition.

The smooth journey to boost funds in 5 quick and easy steps

Our design strategy incorporates all aspects that help loan seekers complete all formalities required to get access to funds. The simple 5-step process on the portal entails the following:

  1. 1. Enter the basic information
  2. 2. Avail instant business health check facility
  3. 3. Self-assess the maximum credit eligibility and get instant e-approval
  4. 4. Choose the ‘best-fit’ lender and apply
  5. 5. Get funds released smoothly on time

Convenient Tools and Services

In addition to the essential services, we have devised handy tools and collated data that add value to the customers of Quikrupee. These automated tools and services enhance the practical usability and serve to promote the portal as a one-stop solution for loan-related queries and services.

EMI Calculator - Helps to calculate the EMI and loan interest quickly and accurately

Loan Eligibility Calculator - Helps borrowers to check their loan eligibility

Credit Score Check - Calculates the business and personal credit rating/scores

Application Tracker - Tracks the loan application status online

Prepayment calculator - Helps to calculate prepayment closure amounts

Document Support - A ready-reference for required paperwork ready for the loan

Customer Care - Omni-channel support for customers’ queries and concerns

FAQs - A ready reckoner that addresses common queries and doubts about loans

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