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To augment the traditional physical brick and mortar store and conventional methods of doing business, enterprises are cashing in on the information revolution for boosting online business. e-Commerce is at the very heart of this transition, and is a budget friendly method for promoting business, since business transactions can occur 24 * 7 and can be accessed from anywhere. With reduced order time and labor costs, e-Commerce is the perfect platform to strengthen your brand and offer a personalized service to your customers, thereby fueling customer loyalty and adding to your bottom line.

Our Approach

e-Commerce marks your enterprise’s serious entry into the digital realm, which has the potential to grow your business manifold at a rapid pace. Elyon Infotech can deliver a robust e-Commerce solution that will give you a competitive edge and also improve your revenue stream.

Agile offerings

Our suite of e-Commerce solutions can follow the well-established low-cost and high-flexibility development process via the adoption of Agile methodology. Our Scrum and Kanban experts can enable you to get faster visibility into how your portal and services look and function. This in turn assists in absorbing any change in requirements within the agreed schedule and budget.

Complete integration

Our solutions can offer seamless integration with payment gateways, delivery channels, partners and even backend systems such as CRM ERP and SCM software, that can support bidirectional feed in/out of your e-Commerce portal for smooth flow of data across interfaces.

Spectrum of support

Our experts at Elyon Infotech serve the entire gamut of development life cycle – from requirements, design, implementation, testing, and deployment to operations support as well as maintenance services.


We offer futuristically scalable solutions that can handle increased volume of traffic and increased operations, adding more services and products with ease, without having the need to revamp the entire portal software.

Social Media and marketing integration

Our e-Commerce platform solutions can integrate with smart business data analytics to include special media and marketing intelligence. This can help drive higher page visits and improve SEO rankings due to referrals from social media.

Omni-channel functionality support

We provide solutions that support multiple channels with the same high level of performance on every channel, to exploit all possible mediums to converge on a unified goal to enhance your business.

Detailed reporting and dashboards

We integrate detailed reporting of metrics and dashboards with our e-Commerce offerings that are applicable to your line of business as a real time ready reference for your online operations. Our custom reports help you monitor and track various aspects of your e-Commerce business.

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