Customer Relationship Management is a sophisticated technological aid that can empower businesses to create and maintain a robust relationship with their customers. It is indeed a strategy to harness the power of IT and automations to drive the entire ecosystem of a business with the customer at its focal point. CRM provides a holistic solution for all channels of a business - sales, marketing, business leaders, customer support service agents and even strategic partners, to capitalize on strong customer relationships.

A robust CRM system can result in boosting sales by intelligent identification of customer needs, preferences and history. This can channelize target marketing communications, improved products and services that are designed to address specific customer requirements across all stakeholders in the enterprise organization. Gaining insights into the purchase patterns of your customers can help you to create more opportunities for lead conversion, customer retention and cross-sell/up- sell, thus boosting your business effectively.

Our Approach

Getting an effective CRM solution that meets your specific needs can be a long-drawn and cumbersome exercise. Simply purchasing the ‘best-fit’ CRM solution is not the answer. Any change is usually hard to implement, and a smooth transition is oft a major hurdle, as existing personnel and processes will need to adapt to the ‘smarter’ CRM strategy.

Elyon Infotech offers cost-effective solutions to help businesses across a wide range of industries reap the benefits of CRM. We work with a gamut of CRM platforms, to facilitate the implementation of the one that suits your requirements. Keeping your budgets and nature of business in sharp focus, we work closely with you to explore and customize CRM platform solutions for you. From developing specific features that are essential for your business, we offer end-to- end services that range from requirement analysis, mapping the appropriate CRM solution, implementation, testing, deployment and training to help you integrate CRM into your processes. We even maintain the CRM for you, which include periodic or specific upgrades and enhancements, delivered via our smooth change management.

Target Marketing

Enhance your marketing and promotional services to boost your sales. Create successful target marketing campaigns with an increased insight into your customer behavior.

Workflow Automation

Streamline workflows within your organization with our automation solutions for an efficient cost-cutting strategy.

Customer Service

With an increased visibility into your customers’ details and needs, you can enhance the customer service and support for an improved customer experience and higher customer retention.

Lead Management

Keep track of sales leads, and initiate actions that can help better conversions, thereby boosting sales.

Sales Force Automation

Use our sales automating systems to manage sales operations which include forecasting, recording sales processing and tracking sales interactions.

Business Reporting

Manage your sales, customer care reports and marketing reports to get deeper insights into your day-to-day operations. Quick dashboards can help leaders access ready-to- refer-to real-time data to facilitate better decision making.


With our smart analytic tools, you can understand your customer data to assess the progress of your business and study market response to a new product or service.

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